Pam Grier is Jackie Brown


jackie1 It’s no secret that one Mr. Canacorn has a couple of loves in his life (other than The Wife and baby Chuy)…

Vinyl and soundtracks! So in celebrating all things Pam this week, I figured we’d talk about the Jackie Brown OST today!

We’ve all been told what a genius Quentin Tarantino is when it comes to picking music for his films…and I really have to agree wholeheartedly.

Sure, sure, I’d love for him to finally hook up with a composer that could whip up an amazing score, but just like Martin Scorsese before him, QT knows how to pick existing songs that can capture the viewers attention and really solidify a scene.

What really impressed me about the Jackie Brown soundtrack was QT’s ballsy choice to use such recognizable songs and still be able to give them a whole new life within the JB universe.

Let’s take a look and a listen to some choice cuts, shall we? Just click on the pic and be transported to wonderful world of YouTube!

Across 110th Street – Bobby Womack

Strawberry Letter 23The Brothers Johnson

Who Is He (And What Is He to You?)Bill Withers

Tennessee StudJohnny Cash

Natural HighBloodstone

Long Time WomanPam Grier

Street LifeRandy Crawford

Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This TimeThe Delfonics

Midnight ConfessionsThe Grass Roots

Inside My LoveMinnie Riperton

The Lions and the CucumberThe Vampire Sound Incorporation

Monte Carlo NightsElliot Easton’s Tiki Gods

and even though it’s not a music video, but because I’m thinking about Jackie Brown, I just have to throw this video in here:

brokeNCYDE…Good For The Kids?

HMMMMMM…uh, where to start today? Okay…um, I guess if you don’t know what a brokeNCYDE is (which I didn’t either until a half hour ago) you should start with a video.

2rwn5mgWow, huh? My friend Joe scribbled some nonsense on a post-it note at work yesterday and predicted that brokeNCYDE would be the topic of my next blog….boy was he right! How could I stay away from something everyone in the fucking world knows about except me?!

Even Warren Fucking Ellis blogged about these jokers back in November!

While Warren refers to this band’s video for Freaxxx as a “fall of Western culture moment” and a “near-perfect snapshot of everything that’s shit about this point in the culture,” I’d have to kind of respectfully disagree…sort of

Obviously, brokeNCYDE is for the kids. You know, what we were before we grew up and started hating everything we didn’t “get.” Remember when we wanted to jump off a bridge because everyone else was doing it? Remember how cool you felt when your parents and teachers just didn’t understand what you and your elite group of friends were about? That’s what’s happening here…except we’re on the other side now. I may be more concerned with my mortgage and health insurance these days, but I still enjoy some dumb music every once in a while to help ease the pain of being a responsible adult….but kids can just enjoy dumb music ’cause, well, they’re kids.

Sure, the song is crap (but kinda’ catchy) and the dudes in the band look just a little too old to be Scene Kids (seriously, click on that link), and I think they all look like a gaggle of assholes, but this wasn’t made for me. It was made for the “Crunk Kids” of the world….heh, Crunk Kids….groan.

It’s not the worst thing in the world…or maybe it is an amalgamation of all the worst things in the world as Mr. Ellis suggests?

Whatever. Basically, I think brokeNCYDE is harmless, stupid fun for the kids of today and no different than when I was into this group in 1984…but hey, those assholes grew up and got all buddy buddy with the Dalai Lama, nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and won a Grammy for “Best Pop Instrumental Album” in 2008…so who knows what the future holds for the members of brokeNCYDE and their 151458 MySpace friends?

I’ll let the kids have brokeNCYDE and Freaxxx and I’ll stick with with what I know…

Two For Tuesdays

Oh, snap! Two For Tuesdays is running late this week…contrary to popular belief, Mr. Canacorn has a life away from the interweb.

Anyway, I was thinking about serving up some KOOL KEITH joints, but then thought, “Why not hit the kids up with a couple of Keith’s side projects?”

Great idea, me. First up…THE CENOBITES!


Did any of you hip hop kids get to pick up the 1996 ULTRA collabo with Keith and TIM DOG?


DAAAAAAMMMMMMMNNNNNNN, TIM DOG don’t fuck around! Remember FUCK COMPTON or BITCH WITH A PERM? Yeah you do! East Coast or West Coast? I usually lean to the East…but it’s all good.

Gotta’ ghost, Canacorn has shit to do, yo!

Two For Tuesdays

Last Tuesday was a bit vanilla…but today is all chocolate, baby.

Before we get to the music….
The Wife and I have been watching THE WIRE lately….yes, it’s as awesome as everyone says…and while all the characters are compelling, there is a Mr. Canacorn favorite. I know you’re pegging me as an Omar Little man, and you’d be right if it wasn’t for Stringer Bell.

Here is where I became a convert: (From Season 1…no spoilers)

The Wife calls String, The Wise Owl…but she has a thing for owls.

Does Stringer look like anyone to you? A musician, maybe? Well, he reminds me of one of my favorite MCs:

ANTONIO HARDY….but you may know him by another name….The King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal….BIG DADDY KANE!

It was hard to choose two videos this Tuesday, so I went with an early hit…

Aint No Half Steppin’

….and what some would call, a later misstep. For the record, I think the following song is fucking romantically genius!

All Of Me (featuring Barry White?!)’s kind of creepy the way Barry’s all hanging around peeping on Big Daddy and his lady friend…but hey, he is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of BLACK TAIL (Uh, that link is soooo NOT SAFE FOR WORK….or for the easily offended…seriously.)