New To Me Lps

Since my last blog about Nazis went over so well, I thought I’d share a less controversial fun fact:

I write erotic novels… for children.they’re wildly unpopular!*

Just kidding.

What we’re really here for is….another round of new LPs!


I’m a hair too young to have caught this show when it originally aired in the late 50s…which is a damn shame since The World’s Biggest Bad Ass, LEE MARVIN, was the star of the show. I’ll have to seek this out on dvd quick-like.

Even though I was unfamiliar with the show, the Count Basie theme seemed awfully familiar to me for some reason.

M SQUAD opening:

Now watch this:


Since we’re talking about cops, let’s jump to the 80s:

MIAMI VICE soundtracks.

I know you’re all familiar with the tracks featured on these two records, but do you remember Philip Michael Thomas‘ super sweaty, shirtless, sexed up single?


…and speaking of boners:
SEX FOR ADULTS (is fun – particularly when you’re in love)

This is a 70s sex-ed record by Stanley Z. Daniels, M.D. Hoo-boy, is it a humdinger! It features a husband and wife discussing their sexual problems at a doctor’s office. The first line spoken by the husband actually surprised me…it went a little something like this:

Doc: Jim, you made the appointment, tell me why you’re here.
Jim: Doc, she’s becoming a frigid bitch.

WHOA! Give it to her, Jimmy! Luckily, the couple works through all sorts of problems thanks to the hip Doctor. He uses all sorts of Del Close and John Brent “Where it’s at” and “Turn on” 60s hipster-type talk. This record is part of a trilogy: SEX EXPLAINED FOR CHILDREN and SEX FOR TEENS (WHERE IT’S AT)…the later was sampled by Beck….I’ll be on the look out for those, you can bet on it.

Now, from sex to sexy:


The amazing cover and inner sleeve art sold me on this one songs unheard. I couldn’t find any videos for this album, but I did find this:


FUCKING AWESOME! Another dvd to look for…damn.

So that’s this payday’s round of records…actually, I have a couple of others I snagged from the free bin at work…but that’s for another blog.

* This is the first and last joke I’ll ever steal from FRIENDS.