Check out this trailer:


It’s for FEAR[S] OF THE DARK. What’s it about? Well, according to their website:

“Spiders’ legs brushing against naked skin…
Unexplainable noises heard at night in a dark bedroom…
A big empty house where you feel a presence…
A hypodermic needle getting closer and closer…
A dead thing trapped in a bottle of formaldehyde…
A huge growling dog, baring its teeth and staring…
So many scary moments we have experienced at some point in our lives – like the craftsmen of this journey straight to the land of fear.
Six of the worlds hottest graphic artists and cartoonists have breathed life into their nightmares, bleeding away colour only to retain the starkness of light and the pitch black of shadows.
Their intertwined stories make up an unprecedented epic where phobias, disgust and nightmares come to life and reveal Fear at its most naked and intense…”

I found out about FEAR[S] thanks to SHADOWPLAY. What’s SHADOWPLAY, you ask? Well, here’s what Mr. Cairns has to say about his blog:

David Cairns’ willfully eccentric film blog. Cult, arthouse, classic, modern, rubbish, no distinctions made no quarter given.
David Cairns is a film director, screenwriter, journalist, lecturer, blogger.
“Isn’t it amazing that there are so many of me, and so few of you?”
Producers: if you would like to revitalise British cinema and television, let’s talk.

What Mr. Canacorn has to say:

David Cairns’ pretentious all knowing film blog minus the pretensions usually associated with director, screenwriter, journalist, lecturer, blogger type blogs.
Usually leaves me stunned and amazed every time I click over there…constantly pleased with his most amazing screen shots of films I know and films I’ve never heard of.
Not a bad guy…even if he is a Brit.
“Now I’m gonna show you what I already know.” (I have no idea where David’s quote is from in his ABOUT section..anyone know mine?)
Readers: If you want to learn a few things about cool movies, click over to SHADOWPLAY.

Thanks David, for making the interweb a more enjoyable place…cheers!