Goin’ Back To Slumburg 09

FUCK YEAH! Canacorn says, “Bring it!”

When the fifth printing of my BRAT PACK tpb sold out a few months back, I promised I’d have big news about the next edition and here it is! King Hell Press will release INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BRAT PACK, a 300+ page limited hardcover collection of all things Slumbergian, in Spring of 2009. The book will include the completely remastered original graphic novel (I’ve been able to rescan all the original art thanks to good guy art dealer Albert Moy), all the various color covers, over fifty pages of sketches, unused pages and promotional art along with the never before seen original proposal that I presented DC Comics with back in 1998. On top of that I’ll be writing a behind the scenes history of Tundra, King Hell and the whole furshlugginer comics scene circa 1991 when BRAT PACK became the #1 best selling independent comic and was nominated for an Eisner Award as best new series. And as icing on the cake, Steve Bissette has written an enlightening historical and cultural appreciation of the sidekick phenomena in comics and film titled TEEN ANGELS.

So if your old trade paperback of BRAT PACK is worn out, pass it on to a worthy friend who enjoys current series like THE BOYS, KICK ASS and THE AUTHORITY. And make space on your bookshelf for the ultimate omnibus edition of the great grandaddy of all twisted superheroes. INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BRAT PACK will be solicited in FEBRUARY 2009 PREVIEWS for April shipping.


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A few months ago The Wife asked me what I wanted for my upcoming 36th birthday. As usual I said something like,

I don’t know…I don’t really care…

Which isn’t true. I can think of a million things I want. But what I meant was,

I can’t really think of something super special that you can get for me.

Then it hit me!

Oh, I know! Remember when I found one of my favorite comic creators, Rick Veitch, online? Well, he used to do this thing where if you sent him a picture of yourself, he’d draw you with a character of your choice in the page of a comic. Not a comic to be published, but your own page of a comic that exists only for you! How cool is that? I’m not sure how much it would cost…I think it costs more if you pick a character he’s never drawn before, but I’d love to have one done of me and Dr. Blasphemy!

I really wanted to include a picture of Dr. Blasphemy from Rick’s super awesome BRATPACK in this here post, but I couldn’t find any online…but I did find this sketch Rick did for a guy (named Corey…what were the chances?!) on Flickr. He’s pretty cool, huh? Imagine if The Wife could actually pull this off!

You see, when I first read about Rick’s custom work was years and years ago…I still had dial up, MySpace didn’t exist in my world, and Rick was only to be found at Comicon.com. Now, Rick has a fancy blog and a MySpace page! This should be pretty easy for The Wife after all.

Not so fast, Canacorns.

The Wife found Rick’s blog (he’s on my Blogroll under “Comic Creators“) but didn’t see any mention of this “personalized sketch thing” her delusional husband was talking about. Never one to give up (especially on her husband), she emailed Rick.

On Jul 28, 2008, at 3:00 PM, Noelle Corcoran wrote:

Hi Rick!

My husband tells me that once upon a time, you did custom drawings of people as their favorite superhero…

Do you still do this type of work? If so, I’m interested in having one done for my husband’s birthday.
Please let me know when you can!

Thanks Much,

And lo and behold…Rick wrote her back!

Hi Noelle,
Sorry, but I have so much work right now I’m not taking commissions (don’t want to disappoint folks by not being able to deliver).

Thanks for thinking of me though!


Wow. That’s pretty cool. I guess it’s my own damn fault for waiting over 3 years to ask for this present. Rick is super busy..if you didn’t already know, he has a new ongoing series for DC’s Vertigo line called Army@Love…which looks like another amazing project from Rick’s fertile imagination.

So, I don’t get a personalized sketch this year, but I really have the best present of all time anyway…

The best wife in the whole damn world!

oh, and new material from Rick Veitch ain’t so bad either….but I really wonder if he’ll ever finish The King Hell Heroica cycle? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Peep this Awesomness!

*And thanks to Rick’s Myspace page I found another talented comic creator who does have the time to do some custom work for a present for The Wife! Check out Leah’s work HERE…she’s totally going to be doing a portrait of our little troublemaker, Ozzy.