Fetish Fridays!

Okay, it’s Friday…so that means we’re back with another case of physiological erotism! Last week I went easy on youse guys and this week will be fairly safe as well. Ever hear of PYGMALIONISM? No? Sure you have. Think about it…oh, ever seen this before?

(Bet you thought you were gonna’ be peeping some Cattrall/McCarthy action, huh?)

Then there’s the darker side of Agalmatophilia.

Yikes…I prefer my mannequins less creepy. I wonder where I could get myself a sexy/busty mannequin to keep me company when The Wife is out of town?

I wonder……

Oh, awesome…I found this totally rad Mannequin Store online! My favorite is definitely Sasha the Gorgeous Reclining Mannequin..I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s her rare sitting position or maybe it’s her pierced ears and molded hair….

Oh Sasha, when you’re mine, I’ll always remember to “install right leg before left.”