The Action “Comes Alive” As You Read!

As a little guy I had quite a few PETER PAN RECORDS. Do y’all remember those read along LPs featuring some of your favorite comic book and tee-vee characters? Boy, I sure do…I even found an old Kojak record not too long ago…look:

Who loves ‘ya, baby? You know Mr.Canacorn does…that’s why I found this cool YouTube site that has all sorts of Power Records for your listening and viewing pleasure! There are SUPERHEROES, MONSTERS, and for you more mature kids, MOVIE TIE-INS!

Today, I present to you, PLANET OF THE APES! (I never had this one, but I finally got to read along with all the action…and now, so can you!)

Classic Planet of the Apes Read Along from Power Records…Part 1

Part 2

They also released all four exciting stories on one record!


So hop on over to SECRET CAVERN to get your read along on! Or just Google “Power Records” and be amazed by the number of sites devoted to sharing these wonderful records with you…for free!

Oh, and this was just too cool…

I know, I’m a nerd.