I started this post forever and a day ago…and it just kind of got away from me. I had a thousand things I wanted to say about comic books and Jack Kirby, but I just couldn’t put it all together. I found myself spiraling away from the original intention of writing about Jack…I was linking to about 20 different blogs and web pages that highlighted The King and the many artists and writers he’s influenced…I had paragraphs about John Byrne and Grant Morrison, Marvel and DC, monsters and robots…the whole post just stopped making any sense to me.

I’d come back to it and delete some stuff…add some new things…and delete some more…I’d read amazing blogs about Jack and decide I was just being redundant and edit out some more stuff and try to get more focused.

Today I noticed that all I had left were about 5 complete sentences and a few links…Christ, I don’t want to start from scratch for the tenth time. I don’t want to even finish it anymore…

Well, I’m sick of seeing it in my unpublished posts section…so this is all I have and I never want to see this post again.


There is nothing better than some hot, black coffee and some JACK KIRBY in the morning.

When I was just a little guy my Uncle Frank let me read his comic book collection when I was visiting Lynn in the Summer…that’s where I was introduced to all the Lee and Kirby Marvel Comics stuff. Uncle Frank had tons of Marvel titles but only a few DC books, so I wasn’t exposed to Jack’s 70s stuff until I got older….much older.

(and right here is where it all fell apart….wasted hours deleted in mere seconds)

(So after all my blah, blah, blah, I had a shit ton of links…which have now been reduced to a handful.)


This guy knows quite a bit about Jack.

And from the mindless ones:



More Kirby than you could shake a MEGA-ROD at right here!

Strong As I Am!

This morning I was doing some research on a possible MAN-UP MONDAYS candidate and I came across some sci-fi film I’ve never heard of…Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe!

“What’s it about?” I wondered the same thing and found a plot synopsis at the good ‘ol Wiki!

“The film revolves around the conflict of Abraxas (Jesse Ventura) and Secundus (Sven-Ole Thorsen), two intergalactic police officers, so-called Finders, of an alien race from a planet called Sargacia. Their race is physically similar to humans but with an incredible lifespan; Abraxas himself has been a Finder for at least nine thousand years. Each Finder is equipped with an Answer Box (a device similar to a Mother Box), which serves as a long-distance communicator and scanner, and can detect any object from a distance based on the object’s vibration. Furthermore, when running the test for the Anti-Life Equation, the subject of the scanning will discorporate if he/she does not contain the equation.”

Say what? Answer box? Anti-Life Equation? It leaves me wondering how many more people can rip off Jack Kirby? It also leaves me wondering if there are any scenes of this possibly “so good it’s bad” movie on YouTube?

The answer is, Yes.

So here’s a fan made trailer:

Oh, and this movie also used “Strong As I Am” by THE PRIME MOVERS…which you totally remember from Michael Mann’s MANHUNTER!

Well…that looks…uh…interesting? I wonder what happens next? Maybe some gratuitous slow motion face punching?

Yep….face punching.

Well…back to reality…gotta’ find that special man for tomorrow’s post.