Two For Tuesdays

toniHey boners, it’s Toni Basil!

I know the picture makes you think you’re getting “Mickey” as one of your songs today…

But you’re not.

It’s not like you haven’t heard it a million times anyway…

The closest you’ll get from me today is Kitty by Racey, and you’ll fucking like it.

So, uh, here’s Toni with a cover of DEVO‘s “Space Girl Blues

Space Girls

Now let’s check out “You Got A Problem“…which is a cover of DEVO‘s “Pity You“:

What are the chances that today’s two-fer fails just as miserably as last Tuesday’s?

Knowing my audience, pretty damn good.

C U Next Tuesday!

Two For Tuesdays

missp2 Hey lookee here, I actually made it two Tuesdays in a row!

Who’d a thunk it?

Not you, I’m sure…well, let me disappoint you even more with today’s two-fer!

How about some Missing Persons?

Sure, sure, you think you never need to hear “Words” again (you’re wrong) and you think “Walking In LA” is lame (strike two, boner, that song also rules…anyone remember when Traci Lords covered it), so I’ll spare you the hits and serve up a couple of other tracks this Tuesday…

WINDOWS” from Spring Session M

And since EMI has a no embedding policy for their videos just click on the pic of Dale to see today’s second video!

GIVE” of off Rhyme & Reason


Man, I really had the hots for ol’ Dale Bozzio when I was a kid…imagine if I could have gotten my hands on that issue of Hustler (NSFW) she was in…I’d probably be blind.

Two For Tuesdays

Guess who has a soft spot in their heart for a little Soft Cell?

You’re right, ME! You know, just because I work in a record store doesn’t mean I know everything about music…far from it. Everyday I learn something new, like, Soft Cell covered “Tainted Love”. Huh? I guess some Soft Cell fans knew this, but I’m not a super fan of them or GLORIA JONES.

But we’re not here for Ms. Jones…so let’s make with SOFT CELL already!

How can I not love a song called SEX DWARF!

Or check out the original video filled with trannys, raw meat, chainsaws, and a real live sex dwarf…if you dare…

WOOF, indeed!

Let’s keep it uncomfortable, shall we?


Well, I don’t know about y’all, but I need a shower…

Two For Tuesdays

Way back when I was in elementary school, I had a super awesome babysitter named Mary. I was a pretty cool kid so Mary didn’t mind hanging around with me….it probably didn’t hurt that she was getting paid…but I honestly think she liked having me tag along. We sneaked into rated R movies (that’s when I first saw STIR CRAZY), broke into her older boyfriend’s place one night, went tubing with her hot teenage girlfriends, and generally just had a bunch of fun together.

She let me flip through dirty magazines and raid her record collection on a regular basis…Oh, she had the classic Burt Reynolds poster in her bedroom…you know the one…

Anyway, back to the records…Mary totally turned me on to DEVO (she actually partied with the boys after a show and brought back a DEVO hat to prove it!) and THE B-52’s! I still love me some DEVO and that first B-52’s LP is a personal favorite.

So…on to the music!



For some vintage late 70s performances of these kooky kids, check out KELLY MILLS’ YouTube channel!

And how could I not leave you kids with one of Fred’s gaytastic hits? This song is so retarded that it goes full circle past genius right back to retarded….which is why I love it.

Thank (or hate) me later!