99 Rivington Street

pboutique-001 Has it really been 20 years since a teenage Mr. Canacorn went to the mall to buy one of his most cherished records of all time?

I know I’ve been talking about some of my more recent LP purchases the past couple of days, but today is kind of special, so I’m going to spotlight an old record…

Paul’s Boutique by The Beastie Boys and The Dust Brothers (including Matt Dike) just might be my all time favorite record ever made.

pboutique-002 I couldn’t stop listening to this record for a year straight back in 89 and I still revisit it in one form or another to this day.

Lyrically it’s a ton of fun and with over a hundred samples packed into 15 tracks it never bores me. In fact, I just downloaded a commentary track from the Beastie‘s site, just in case I didn’t learn everything I possibly could about PB from Dan Leroy’s 33 1/3 book back in 06.

And really, it’s the only double gatefold record I own…still…to this day. And how cool is that?


Pretty fucking cool, old man…pretty fucking cool.

C-C-Come On Everybody

Jive Bunny 08

Jive Bunny 08

Let me get this straight…Girl Talk is getting his dick sucked by everyone in 2008 because of his hipster Jive Bunny routine?

You’ve got to be kidding me…

Look, I’m all about nostalgia and that whole, “Hey, I totally recognize that song the Dj is mashing up with that other song I totally know,” but Girl Talk is the Judson Laipply of music.

Sorry kid, but Matt Dike and The Dust Brothers did it way better in 1989.