Be Sure To Vote On Prop MJ!

This is really important people.

Cast your ballots HERE!

And how do I REALLY feel about the delicious Mary Jane? I’ll let Rick and the ladies tell you.

*Original photo by Nick Nick.

You’ve Got About As Much Experience As My Left Nut…

…which, by the way, I left behind in Da Nang!

I know, I know….two kind of political blogs from one Mr. Canacorn?!

Don’t worry, tomorrow will be politics free…I promise.

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Please Don’t Vote For A Democrat

3 posts in one day…well, I just couldn’t resist passing this along even though I don’t really do politics on Awesomeness.

Oh wow. Nice billboard. Let’s go to the website. Oooh, a song…I love songs.

What’s it about?

Hello, my name is Mike Meehan
The Republican Song title is actually “Please Don’t Vote For a Democrat.” The song was written, played, sung, produced, and recorded by myself. I claim to be a man of God and like millions of others, I love this great nation, “The United States of America.”
I wrote this song to encourage and motivate as many people as possible not to vote for a “Democrat” in the 2008 Presidential Election.

I’ll be sure to vote, Mike…thanks for the song and totally rad billboard!