Two For Tuesdays

Guess who has a soft spot in their heart for a little Soft Cell?

You’re right, ME! You know, just because I work in a record store doesn’t mean I know everything about music…far from it. Everyday I learn something new, like, Soft Cell covered “Tainted Love”. Huh? I guess some Soft Cell fans knew this, but I’m not a super fan of them or GLORIA JONES.

But we’re not here for Ms. Jones…so let’s make with SOFT CELL already!

How can I not love a song called SEX DWARF!

Or check out the original video filled with trannys, raw meat, chainsaws, and a real live sex dwarf…if you dare…

WOOF, indeed!

Let’s keep it uncomfortable, shall we?


Well, I don’t know about y’all, but I need a shower…