Another Monday means another man worthy of my hero worship….today we celebrate one of my favorite on screen assholes of the 1980s!


“I’ve played good guys and nice guys, but the truth is I’d rather be nasty than nice. The bad guys are always better written and more fun to play.” -Dabney Coleman

Sure, sure, Dabney has been acting his mustache off since the early 60s, but it wasn’t until the early 80s that America could look up prick in the dictionary and see Mr. Coleman’s smarmy mug.

I’ve never been a fan of his starring roles on the Tee-vee (see BUFFALO BILL and DREXELL’S CLASS)..and neither was the rest of America since they didn’t stay on the air for very long…but it was Dabney’s mastering of the chauvinistic, bullying, gaping asshole, authority figure in 9 TO 5, TOOTSIE, and WARGAMES that made him a Canacorn cinematic favorite!

In the past couple of years, The wife and I revisited 9 TO 5 and TOOTSIE…you know what, both films hold up really well…and just this past week I was watching NORTH DALLAS FORTY and who popped up? Our main man, Dabney Coleman!

Oh, did you know that DC was also in VIVA KNIEVEL?! Peep the awesome theme song!

Here’s a short interview with our man of the day: