In Old Gothic Europe They Had Two Burning Passions…

Justin, over at the brilliantly named horror blog ZOMBIE VS. SHARK, has a confession to make:

I have never seen a Hammer horror film. Ever. Really.

GASP! I know, I know…give the guy a break…he’s younger than some of us. But, check it, he needs our help! Heed his cry of desperation and despair!

…I’m gonna need your help, because there are a lot of Hammer flicks out there and, really, I don’t know where to start.
So let me know, in the comments, what Hammer productions I should begin with. I’m going to take the top 10 recommended, hunt them down, and review them here on the site.

So, let’s help a buddy out and hit him up with your favorite Hammer Films in the comment section of HIS post: Stop. Hammer Time. <—- CLICK THAT LINK AND LEAVE HIM A COMMENT ON HIS SITE.

Hey, Anne Rice, This is what Vampires were like before you swished ’em all up!