Rocktober! Day 24

One of the main problems with Rocktober‘s 31 day celebration of all things metal and horror is that we seem to be hung up on one guy…SATAN.

Yeah, the Big Red Dude is all sorts of spooky and he’s a great spokesperson for the metal community, but come on already! It makes for a boring series of posts if it’s, All Satan All The Time, here at Awesomeness.

Luckily, Venom is here to help!

I know you’re all, “Venom? Are you nuts or just plain ol’ stupid, Canacorn?! They made their career singing songs about The Devil!

They sure did, but did you know they also wrote a killer jam about a Manitou!?

Since you refuse to click on any of the links I so graciously provide for you knuckleheads (like the one in the previous sentence) you must be wondering, “What in the Sam Hill is a Manitou?

Well, instead of me explaining it to you, you can check out Stacie P‘s Final Girl Film Club from February and get the dish from her and her Film Club Coolies!

Oh wait, that might not work for you, what with your strange aversion of actually clicking on my hot links. I know! Why don’t you just sit back and relax and peep the awesomeness that is “MANITOU” by everyone’s favorite black metal pioneers, VENOM, right here?!


Well, with a clip from YouTube, duh.

It’s a damn shame that this song isn’t the theme from the film, Manitou…but a boy can dream right?