I Am The Dreamer…

Holy Cats! I had completely forgotten about COMMUNION until the lovely and talented Unkle Lancifer over at Kindertrauma (which is one of the best blogs on the internet, if you didn’t already know) coaxed it from the Black Lodge of my mind with this post.

I think this quote by Windom Earle sums up the following clip from one of the most bizarre films made in 1989.

A place of almost unimaginable power, chock full of dark forces and vicious secrets. No prayers dare enter this frightful maw. The spirits there care not for good deeds or priestly invocations, they’re as like to rip the flesh from your bone as greet you with a happy “good day.” And if harnessed, these spirits in this hidden land of unmuffled screams and broken hearts would offer up a power so vast that its bearer might reorder the Earth itself to his liking.

….You are the dream, indeed.