Do The Hammerlock, You Turkeynecks!

The Wrestler Who Made Milwaukee Famous, Reggie “The Crusher” Lisowski


And 60s garage rockers, The Novas, classic tribute:

You know, there really needs to be more wrestlers like The Crusher and more songs about wrestling…


Holee Fuck! While doing my “research” on ABRAXAS the other day I stumbled upon a couple of things.

First was the high-larious site I-MOCKERY! Go ahead…click it…you know you have time to waste.

And the second…you know, I have to wonder sometimes, “Why am I always the last person find out about cool things like Tagteam?!”

How have I never heard of this? A buddy cop show starring my all time favorite wrestler, ROWDY RODDY PIPER

(here’s one of many reasons why Piper RULES!)


…directed by television wizard, PAUL KRASNY…with music by JAY FERGUSONhow did this fail!?!?!?

For an indepth, scene by secne breakdown of this piece of lost AWESOMENESS head on over to I-MOCKERY!

So here’s what you want…some YouTubery!

Oooooh-Yeah! Hey, all this wrestling reminiscing reminds me about a LP I own!


It has so many horrible songs on it…except for this one by THE HOT ROD himself:

…and REAL AMERICAN, duh.

Just for the record…I may hate sports, but I loooove me some wrestling!