Stag: A Test Of Love

Man, this whole Infidelity Fridays seemed like a good idea a few weeks ago…but do you know how hard it is to find great clips of Cheaters on YouTube?

I know, it should be super easy! Turns out….not so much.

The Wife was right when she said I’d never top the first clip I posted…What to do? I can’t just leave you vultures hanging….

Oh, I know! Ever hear of STAG: A TEST OF LOVE?

Peep this:

Oh man, what have we become? Exploiting human pain and misery…Finding joy in heartbreak and despair…

Maybe I should just post videos of kids kicking each other in the nuts?

Well, If This Is What You’re Into….

Infidelity Fridays is back as promised! Last week’s post is close to impossible to top…but I’ll try:

Man-Up Mondays!

Today’s man is no stranger to controversy…

Art by Erik Rose

Love him or hate him, Joey Greco, is totally keepin’ it real here at Awesomeness this Monday!

“Do you really think I’m a parasite?”

For once, I’ll let the People Of The Internet tell you why Mr. Greco is worthy enough for Man-Up!

Joey Greco is scary as hell. Just imagine some metrosexual looking fellow with a deep voice and a creepy way of staring at things standing in your face and asking you why you’re being unfaithful.” –composer_mike

[Joey] is an obvious sleaze ball. He lacks even Jerry Springer’s sparkle and bemused air, treating each case as though it were the second coming of “Who’s Afraid Of Virgina Woolf?” rather than just another entry in the divorce court record. He pretends to be on the victim’s side, and to be an agent of justice, but what he really is just a poor man’s Barbara Walters, mercilessly trying to get the victim to cry for the cameras.” –abandonedbywolves

[Joey] strike me as the sleaziest low-lifes ever, and it says a lot when such things can make a living doing things like this.” –Jordan_Haelend

…the host of Cheaters Joey Greco is a little bastard…” –infowarrior19832006

Thanks IMDb users for your thoughts! You guys are right….Joey Greco rules…and here’s one last reason why:

…he was on ESPN’s hip-hop oriented fitness show, Fitness Pros!

I may hate sports, but I love me some hip hop and aerobics!

And finally, a musical tibute:

She’s Helping Me Work On Intimacy Issues!

I don’t know where to begin with this one….but I will tell you this…


(I will think of a “clever” title later…maybe something like “Infidelity Fridays”)