Serious Lack Of Awesomeness For You

back_to_school Hey boners,

I hate to tell y’all this, but there’s gonna’ be a whole lot less Awesomeness around here for a while.

I know, I know, you’re crushed.

I understand your pain, but this Canacorn has got to get his act together and earn himself one of them there oral hygiene degrees sos I can be a highfalutin dental hygienist when I grow up!

Feel free to drop by any time, but don’t expect to see too many new posts.

You might want to hop on over to the newly stripped down version of The Bride Of Awesomeness for some NSFW pictures and the occasional video (all without the hassle of havin’ to be readin’ a bunch of stupid words) to get a glimpse of what’s runnin’ through my mind.

Sooooo, in closing, don’t forget to floss and only brush the ones you want to keep!


Two For Tuesdays

toniHey boners, it’s Toni Basil!

I know the picture makes you think you’re getting “Mickey” as one of your songs today…

But you’re not.

It’s not like you haven’t heard it a million times anyway…

The closest you’ll get from me today is Kitty by Racey, and you’ll fucking like it.

So, uh, here’s Toni with a cover of DEVO‘s “Space Girl Blues

Space Girls

Now let’s check out “You Got A Problem“…which is a cover of DEVO‘s “Pity You“:

What are the chances that today’s two-fer fails just as miserably as last Tuesday’s?

Knowing my audience, pretty damn good.

C U Next Tuesday!

Snapshot Of Awesomeness

Two For Tuesdays

gto Today’s band is ADULT.

I like these kooks…

And I especially like the super sexy and dangerously hot photography of band member, NICOLA KUPERUS.

I hear they made some sort of “experimental horror film” called DECAMPMENT that could only be “experienced in person with ADULT. performing the soundtrack live to the film“…which sounds pretty cool if you’re into that kind of stuff. Watch the trailer HERE.

There’s also a 7″ vinyl only release called, THE DECAMPMENT TRILOGY, which is all super limited and shit…curious if there are any left? Then click HERE.

Okay, enough talk…let’s listen to some music…


I Feel Worse When I’m with You

That’s it for today, boners, C U Next Tuesday!

A Horrifying Sensation…

Must watch….must own….

Thanks to Radioactive Lingerie for the heads up!

NSFW Snapshot Of Awesomeness

tattooSooooo, I found this picture on the internets this morning…

You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?

What the fuck, right?!

I mean, seriously

Can you believe that shit?!

It’s driving me crazy over here

I’ve been looking at it for hours and I still can’t figure it out…

What the fuck is up with that dude’s tattoo?!


Fetish Fridays! NSFW And It’s The Pits!

armvag You know what I was thinking about this morning?

Probably not…so I’ll tell ya’.

I was thinking about that armpit molester from Singapore and how he got 14 years in jail and caned 18 times for sniffing the pits of 23 different females!

To be honest, unsolicited sniffing was not his only crime…in addition to sniffing his victims’ armpits he also fondled a 13-year-old AND exposed himself to that 53 year old….but that’s not important right now!

What is important is today’s celebration of one of the most underrated erogenous zones of the body…no, no, not the rectouterine pouch, you kooky kids, THE ARMPITS!


It’s Summertime, and exposed pits are all the rage in my town! Unconcealed underarms are hotter than Zubaz pants and full print t-shirts these days!

asiaHairy, shaved, gay, straight, sweaty, smelly, male, female….Armpits and armpit exposing fashions are hot, hot, hot!

Everyone is rockin’ the tank, tube top, A-shirt, or some form of sleeveless T!

Shit, some people are even going topless for maximum erotic armpit exposure!

The young and the old are going apeshit for armpits!

Seriously, I can’t leave the house or turn on my computer without having my eyeballs assaulted by untamed, debauched, epicurean acts of axilla flashing, shaving, sniffing, licking, sucking and fucking….

That’s right, I said fucking!

People are actually fucking each others armpits.

Click to watch!

Click to watch!

And I think the world is a better place because of it…that and the Zubaz pants comeback…but that’s just me.

These pants are the same pants that were worn by pro athletes, rock stars, kings and queens, and anybody who Dared to be Different.

These pants are the same pants that were worn by pro athletes, rock stars, kings and queens, and anybody who Dared to be Different.

Canacorn out!