Tricks ‘N’ Treats

Ghoul’s Night Out

In Dying Stereo!

In Dying Stereo!

My new Lps for Halloween!

Here’s a sample of a couple of these monster jams!

Wolf Call by Lord Dent and His Invaders

The Thing (Part II) by Curtis and the Creepers

The Guillotine by The Executioners

It’s gonna be a killer night!

Rocktober! Day31



Here it is! The final day of Rocktober! Boy, what a long strange month this turned out to be!

You know, Rocktober wasn’t a total failure…I realize that now. I’ve been particularly hard on myself the past 31 days…worrying that no one was enjoying all the (mostly) hard work I was putting into my month long horror/metal celebration.

But that wasn’t the case at all.

My good friend Bwana, was always a strong supporter of Rocktober and he totally brought us Donny Most‘s most horrific character since Ralph Malph…the totally awesome, MOLOCH on Day 3..

The lovely and talented, Becca, over at No Smoking In The Skull Cave gave Rocktober, not one, but two separate shout-outs this month! If you haven’t checked out her awesome blog, do yourself a favor and peep it post haste! Just click the banner!

My favorite Auntie and Unkle even threw a parade in honor of Rocktober over at Kindertrauma…(well, that’s not totally true…there is a parade, but it’s the 1st Annual Kindertrauma Halloween Parade and has nothing to do with Rocktober…heh.) Thanks, boys! You’re the bestest!

Oh, I can’t forget The Wife! She stood by her man during the soaring highs and soul crushing lows of Rocktober…and even though I couldn’t find a way to work in Mike Schank for her, she definitely helped my Rocktober dreams come true with her suggestions, comments, and understanding.

I also gotta’ give a special thanks to my good buddy and inspirational coach, Steve. (Steve has no links…he is a private man…and a genius…seriously…he’s super smart.) Thanks, Steve, you’re always good for a swift kick in the pants area to get me back on track! You’re wicked awesome. Say hello to your family for me.

Alright! Let’s do this! It’s Halloween and that means it’s the 31st day of Rocktober!!!!

Today….One Man…Three bands…all metal…all horror…

Glenn Anzalone!


That’s DANZIG, you chuckleheads!

First there was the horror punk of The Misfits!

Then there was the death rock of Samhain!

And finally, the dark metal-blues hybrid of Danzig!

Happy Halloween, fellow fiends! Thanks for sticking out Rocktober with me….now go eat some candy and watch a scary movie or two.

Spooky Scary!

Best novelty song EVER.

Rocktober! Day 30

Almost finished….

Never will there be another Rocktober in my life…or yours.

Who wants to hear a song?




Okay…here’s one by The White Pigs. It’s a cover of The Munsters theme.

The video kind of sucks, but I still like the song.

See you tomorrow.

Mummy Dogs

Yummy and spooky!

Found @ Clara the Cool

Rocktober! Day 29

You know, I guess it’s just my need to finish what I started that’s kept the miserable failure that is Rocktober going. No matter how many friends tell The Wife how much they miss some old favorites of Awesomeness past…or how many work mates politely hint around that 31 days of one subject (they don’t give a shit about) doesn’t make for a good blog…

…I just won’t quit, NO…I JUST CAN’T QUIT! NOT NOW! NOT EVER!


Whew. Sorry. So, uh, it’s the 29th day of Rocktober…and, uh, I guess, uh…here’s a video…or whatever.

Yeah…that was Lizzy Borden, uh, performing Psychopath…from, uh, their 1985 Lp…uh, Love You To Pieces


Rocktober! Day 28

Hang tight, kids…we’re so close to being finished with Rocktober, I can taste it!

Today I bring to your attention, the Among The Living LP by ANTHRAX! Let’s start with the cover.

Who’s that standing out from the crowd of faceless nobodies? Why, it’s the delightful, Reverend Henry Kane!

The band once said that this dude was the one guy that really scared them…and that’s saying something for a bunch of guys that love horror movies and books as much as they do.

And speaking of books, there’s not one but two, cuts on this record inspired by world famous horror writer, Stephen King!

First up, the title track: Among The Living, pays homage to The Walkin’ Dude from King‘s bloated masterpiece, The Stand.

Then there’s A Skeleton In The Closet, a breakneck thrasher based around the events of Todd Bowden’s fascination with Kurt Dussander, the “Blood Fiend” of Patin, from King‘s novella, Apt Pupil.

There you go…Rocktober the 28th! It may have come late this year, but it’s done…and at this point, that’s all that matters to me.

Rocktober! Day 27

Okay, so today was going to be the video for The Beautiful People by the super awesome, Marilyn Manson…but the not so super awesome dickwads at Universal Music don’t like their videos being embedded in blogs and whatnot.

I was going to ramble on about how much I like Marilyn and how he’s “good for the kids” and why he’s perfect for Rocktober, but I got all bugaboo when I couldn’t find an embeddable video…

Then I found Justin.

Thanks to the really super awesome, justin1486steiner on YouTube, we have a video far superior than even The Grim Reaper could have imagined….far superior than the actual video directed by Floria Sigismondi…you just have to see it…

But first, here’s what Justin has to say about himself:

“Justin Steiner is here all the way from The Netherealm or gates of hell (some bloody place) and I have decided to play your favorite songs. The tools of destruction i use are my Epiphone SG Special, 30 watt 12 inch Line 6 Spider III amp, Monster cable, knife und verdammter Mickey Maus (i got all that from the manual). Oh yeah and i have a really hot girlfriend that i love and will die again for!! Sie liebe Ich sehr viel!!”

Oh man…have I ever told you guys how much I love the internet?


I really, really, really, love it….seriously.

Rocktober! Day 26




Oh yes, my friends…the year was 1983 and these four knuckleheads decided it would be a good idea to cover HELTER SKELTER by The Beatles.

The song was pretty damn metal for 1968, so it only seems right and natural that a metal band from the 80s would want to cut their teeth on Paul McCartney‘s rambunctious interpretation of the fall of the Roman Empire.

Except, I think The Crue was more interested in the sordid history associated with the song…you know, the Tate-LaBianca murders and Charles Manson‘s vision of an apocalyptic race war.

I can’t believe I ever liked The Crue‘s version of this song…I’m sure I was just as enamored of Helter Skelter‘s pop culture importance as those boys, but dear Christ, the only thing getting murdered here is this fucking song.

Wow…that sucks…seriously.

You know, some songs really shouldn’t be covered…unless you’re Japanese.