Two For Tuesdays

And you were expecting something awesome?

Oh crap, what day is it?


Wow, way to disappoint Canacorn…a whole week since your last post?


Um..about that…I’m just lazy I guess.

So with that being said, I might as well keep this blog-train a rollin’ straight past disappointment and into complete and total failure…

Who’s hungry for some TACO*!?!?


Okay, okay…I get it, you’re worried I’m gonna’ hit you up with Puttin’ On The Ritz? Believe me, I was tempted, but you should have a little more faith in your ol’ buddy.

Let’s kick things off with, Under My Tight Skin!

Oh Taco, you ARE awesome!

What else you got for us today?

How about, Tell Me That You Like It (I’d like to dedicate the top and hairdo worn by the announcer at the beginning of this video to my pal, Yum-Yum, and the fabulous dancers to my Auntie John!)

Man, these live performances are truly works of art! I love how the post-Ritz-Taco is this bizarre combination of Wayne Newton and Perez Hilton!

I just have to play one more video…if only to thoroughly disgust Bwana and completely piss off Myrtle:

Last stop: Heart Break City

There’s your daily awesome for today….thank me later….

Canacorn out!

*No, One Night In Bangkok is not a Taco song…That’s

Two For Tuesdays

Hey there boners!

I know I promised a whole bunch of new awesomeness for you guys and gals in the next five weeks or so….and I also know I haven’t really delivered much in the way of awesome other than a single entry from last Friday…sorry ’bout that.

Honestly, I’m having a bit of a blog-block. Thanks to school, I’m so out of touch that I have absolutely NO idea what you kooky kids want to read about.

So today I figured I’d phone it in and hit you up with a Twofer straight from a teenage girl’s favorite mixtape circa 1993.

Blender magazine called today’s pick a “blues-rock sorceress trafficking in social politics and dark, tormented songwriting.” But don’t let that turn you off…

Here’s 2 tracks from Polly Jean Harvey off of Rid Of Me:

Man-Size (Click HERE for the equally awesome Man-Size Sextet):

Oh, and since Universal Music Group refuses to allow embedding of their artists’ videos, just click on the pic of PJ to watch the video for 50ft Queenie on YouTube.

So that’s that.

Seriously, I’m really gonna’ try and figure out something to blog about before I head back to school…

Two For Tuesdays

toniHey boners, it’s Toni Basil!

I know the picture makes you think you’re getting “Mickey” as one of your songs today…

But you’re not.

It’s not like you haven’t heard it a million times anyway…

The closest you’ll get from me today is Kitty by Racey, and you’ll fucking like it.

So, uh, here’s Toni with a cover of DEVO‘s “Space Girl Blues

Space Girls

Now let’s check out “You Got A Problem“…which is a cover of DEVO‘s “Pity You“:

What are the chances that today’s two-fer fails just as miserably as last Tuesday’s?

Knowing my audience, pretty damn good.

C U Next Tuesday!

Two For Tuesdays

missp2 Hey lookee here, I actually made it two Tuesdays in a row!

Who’d a thunk it?

Not you, I’m sure…well, let me disappoint you even more with today’s two-fer!

How about some Missing Persons?

Sure, sure, you think you never need to hear “Words” again (you’re wrong) and you think “Walking In LA” is lame (strike two, boner, that song also rules…anyone remember when Traci Lords covered it), so I’ll spare you the hits and serve up a couple of other tracks this Tuesday…

WINDOWS” from Spring Session M

And since EMI has a no embedding policy for their videos just click on the pic of Dale to see today’s second video!

GIVE” of off Rhyme & Reason


Man, I really had the hots for ol’ Dale Bozzio when I was a kid…imagine if I could have gotten my hands on that issue of Hustler (NSFW) she was in…I’d probably be blind.

Two For Tuesdays Is Back?!

The answer to that question is, “YES!”

There has been a severe lack of posting here at Awesomeness…and for that, I apologize.

There’s just not enough time in the day you know…and with school starting up at the end of August, there will be even less.

So to make myself feel better about even having a blog, I’m going to try and bring back Two For Tuesdays (again….I think we all remember how I failed miserably the last time)! But this time I’m gonna’ let the music do the talking…which is probably for the best since I know how much you guys hate to read…but hey, who am I to judge?

So let’s do this…today I bring you…


Quick Ferrante, to the wigs!

Quick Ferrante, to the wigs!

African Echoes

Midnight Cowboy

And that’s that!

Now let’s see if I can finally finish that Fetish Fridays I started weeks ago…

Two For Tuesdays…Sort Of

Every Monday I head on over to The House Of Self-Indulgence to see what music videos Yum-Yum has hand picked to tickle my visual, vestibular, auditory and proprioceptive inputs.

And yesterday there were two songs by two ladies that tickled my pinks and blacks!

First, my pinks:

Listen to a couple more of Renee’s sweet and quirky songs on her MySpace page.

Now, my blacks:

Hey, waddayaknow, Geneva’s got her dark and slutty songs up on her MySpace thingy too!

Wouldn’t it be cool if these two stone foxes were sisters and you were best friends with their brother? I mean, imagine all the boners you would get just being in the same room with one of them, and then imagine all the boners your boners would get if they were in the same room at the same time?!

Christ, I gotta’ take a cold shower…

Two For Tuesdays!

We’re gonna keep the testosterone pumping today, kids!

Can I get a, “FUCK YEAH?!


Alright…alright! I got one thing to say to a special someone who’s out in motherfuckin’ Washington DC tonight! I think we all know her and know how she feels about Heavy Fucking Metal muuuusssicc!

How she feeeeeels about OUR FUCKING MUSIC

That’s right…that’s right….I got one fucking thing to say to a little miss Tipper Goooooooooooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeee!

Hey Tipper, better lock up Karenna and Kristin ’cause this first song is dedicated to them!

Alright…alright! Okay, you crazy motherfuckers…one more song and then we’re out of here! Do you have a thing for womeeeeeeeeeeeen? Well if you do, then you’re like me…more than a manmore than an animal


You crazy fuckers are the best here at AWESOMENESS! We’re W.A.S.P. and we love you…keep…on…ROCKIN’!!


*We here at Awesomeness do NOT encourage our readers to live the Rock and Roll lifestyle…it’s bad for you…seriously, just ask Chris:

Two For Tuesdays

Hey kids, I’m back! Why yes, I am feeling much better today, thanks for asking.

Today’s twofer is a no-brainier…

He’s big, he’s bald, he’s Black, and he’s got the saltiest balls I know of!

The one and only BLACK MOSES, everybody!

Isaac has written so many great songs, sometimes we forget about the amazing covers he’s done over the decades. Like most men my age, I think Shaft is one of the greatest movie themes ever recorded (and it inspired this masterpiece by those freaky funksters, The Bar Kays!)…but unlike most men my age, I looooove me some Burt Bacharach!

Remember Isaac’s version of The Look Of Love, or I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself, or my favorite, Walk On By?


Nice, huh? And how about Isaac’s killer version of T-Bone Walker’s Stormy Monday?


Lord have mercy! Now that brother has some serious fucking soul! I don’t care if he was a Scientologist….he’ll always be A #1, in my book!

*Oh, the watercolor was done by the amazing willaren…check out his Flickr HERE!

Two For Tuesdays

Uh, get lucky this week, boners!



If those Canadians don’t do it for you, maybe you’d like some of this!

*Thanks Kindertrauma!

Two For Tuesdays

I dropped the ball on Man-Up yesterday…so sue me. But never fear, today you get your twofer!

What’s up with experimental musician/performance artist and (would be) ladies’ man, GARY WILSON.

Serious weirdness, that’s what’s up. I remember hearing about “some guy that was obsessed with the music of Steely Dan and some girl in his neighborhood in the 1970s. So obsessed, he recorded an album in his parents basement…and it sounded like a scary, jazzy, stalker-y love letter!

Well, that sounds right up my alley…only the story isn’t totally true. Steely Dan has never been mentioned in anything I’ve read about Gary.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself….with that little bit of misinformation and some help by one of my record store coworkers, I was able to track down a copy of Motel Records 2002 reissue of Gary’s 1977 masterpiece, YOU THINK YOU REALLY KNOW ME. I missed out on purchasing FORGOTTEN LOVERS, but was in a big hurry to snatch up the LP of MARY HAD BROWN HAIR. Gary’s stuff isn’t for everyone, but I totally dig it…it’s kind of like a horror movie scored by a low rent lounge band that’s been influenced by Steely Dan and 1970s porn music. Check it:


Come on, Karen, give the poor guy a break…he loves you.


Jeeze, Linda, why did you have have to write that note to Gary’s parents? He’s not bothering you…he loves you.

What’d ya’ think? If you liked it, you should really pick up some of his music…I suggest starting with YOU THINK… Plexifilm just recently reissued it on cd along with a dvd documentary about Gary!

Oh, here are my records.