One Last Thing, Kenley

I slept well last night.

Oh, Kenley…

After watching last night’s Proj Run, I finally figured out who the delightful Kenley Collins reminds me of.

Years ago I worked with a woman who constantly complained about how she could never keep any friends. Ever since she was a kid, the story always played out the same…Make new friends, spend time with them, then, out of the blue, her friends would drop her like a hot potato! For no reason! It always happened…the same way…every time.

You see, it was her shitty attitude, manipulative behavior, sour disposition, inflated self worth, and her constant badgering and belittling of others that made them unable to remain in a toxic relationship with this poor creature.

So, Kenley, get used to it. Just like my ex-coworker (and ex-friend), it’s happened to you your whole life because you’re the fucking problem.

You’re a jerk…and people generally don’t like jerks.

Oh, good luck at Bryant Park…….jerk.

*Photo from the most awesome PROJECT RUNGAY…check it out…they rule.

Kenley Wonders…

Uh, maybe because you’re a jerk? Just a thought.

Oh, and guess what, Toothy McMolarmouth…you get the 1 SC rating!

Girl, you straight up GNAR GNARS!

Love, Mr. Canacorn

Hey Kenley, Get Over Yourself!

The following quote is from an interview with Kenley on Gothamist.

The question was,

What are some trends you particularly like and don’t like?

Her answer,

I don’t like when you see major trends on people over and over again to the point of just played out. For example, the thin head bands that cut across your forehead over your hair. At first, it was “a look” now its just a bad trend. I do like when someone has a look that is there own. No matter what it is.

Ugh. Like your 50s retro shtick? Talk about a played out bad trend…But more than Kenley’s wannabe Bettie Page meets June Cleaver personal style, it’s her shitty attitude that bugs me the most.

With my very limited experience with “reality teevee”, I’m aware that there is an approximation of reality being beamed into your home thanks to the magic of editing, but after Kenley’s performance last night, I’m fully convinced that she’s a delusional jerk.

For a more detailed review of Kenley and her craptacular personality click on over to The Wife’s blog and to the fabulously bitchy, Project Rungay…I’m sure they’ll be much more eloquent than I in this matter.