Blood Is Red

5 LP set of Argento soundtracks

5 LP set of Argento soundtracks

I haven’t been blogging about my record purchases lately since I haven’t really been buying any…

But look what rolled into the record store the other day! A 5 LP box set of Dario Argento soundtracks from DAGORED!

Here’s the description:

“Blood Is Red, Dario Argento Ltd Edition Vinyl Box Set

Have a blood red Christmas! the contents of this briefcase may be a nice alternative to the usual Christmas party songs…ring in the new year with Goblin & Morricone and leave Rudolph on the shelf! 5 of the creepiest Dario Argento movie soundtracks on vinyl LP in a limited edition – 250 units – white plastic briefcase with fold-in handle and a blood red serigraphy reproducing Argento fans’ favorite crime scene.

Il gatto a nove code (RED111) – gatefold 180 gram LP
Quattro mosche di velluto grigio (RED139) – 180 gram LP
Profondo rosso (RED137) – gatefold 180 gram LP
Suspiria (RED127) – gatefold 180 gram LP
Tenebre (RED131) – gatefold 180 gram LP”

Oh yes, my fiends...

Oh yes, my fiends...

Isn’t she lovely? DAGORED put all theses LPs out individually over the years (plus a bunch of others) but it’s nice to have them all together.

Out of the 5, Suspiria is the only soundtrack that I would be repurchasing, so I felt that the $90 and change price tag on this set was worth it…and I do get a discount where I work, so that didn’t hurt either.

5 Lps on brown carpet

5 Lps on brown carpet

When these records originally came out they all included mini-posters, but for some reason the ones in the box set do not…a small complaint, I know, but I do love the extra goodies that usually accompany “limited edition” pressings/packaging of things.

The other odd thing I noticed was the lack of numbering anywhere on the box…if these are indeed limited to only 250 units, where’s the nifty little 100/250 sticker?

Oh well, I’m still super stoked about my early Christmas gift to myself, despite my minor gripes. The 180 gram vinyl warms my nerd heart as well as the gatefold sleeves…and the recordings sound fantastic. Granted, I just have a basic stereo system, but I know what I like…and I like what I hear coming from my speakers today!

Okay, I know you want to hear some music, so click the titles below for some awesome tunes:

Il Gatto A Nove Code: Paranoia Prima

Quattro Mosche Di Velluto Grigio: Come Un Madrigale

Profondo Rosso: Death Dies

Suspiria: Sighs

Tenebre: Flashing

I can’t tell y’all how happy these records make me…jealous much?

Rocktober! Day 19

Yes, I know the difference between prog rock and heavy metal…I’ve worked in a record store for a decade.

But I just couldn’t let another day of Rocktober go by without mentioning GOBLIN.

If you doubt these wacky Italians don’t have a bit of the metal coursing through their veins just check out Zaratozom from the Zombi soundtrack!

Besides, the soundtrack to Suspira is one of my most favorite recordings in the world…

So, bottom line is: metal or not, it’s my damn blog and if I say Goblin is worthy of Rocktober, than so be it.

I have spoken.

Soundtrack to my life…

This morning I decided it was finally time to make a soundtrack section in my vinyl collection. I’ve been toying with the idea for a couple of weeks now and I took on the challenge this morning. I know all record collectors have very specific ways of filing their LPs (even if that means just tossing them around in no particular order…shudder), but I’m a hard and fast “alphabetical order” kind of Virgo….so making a section, any kind of section goes against my nature. It’s all, alpha by artist and alpha by title if it’s a soundtrack or compilation, all the time.

Last year I tried to pull out all my soundtracks and snap a picture of them for an old blog…it looked like this:

It was a total pain in the ass and I neglected to pull out at least 10 additional titles….the alpha order system was not helping me find all my soundtracks and it was getting harder and harder to avoid doubling up on certain titles (I am an addict)….and I just kept buying more (again, I am an addict). So here’s what I got myself into this morning:

That’s about 125 lps…all soundtracks for movies or teevee.

Well, that’s not totally true. I ran into a little problem with certain LPs. Look close at this picture:

Going clockwise:
THE HORN MEETS THE HORNET by Al Hirt….It has the Green Hornet Theme plus other themes like, Get Smart, King Kong (ABC-TV Series), Tarzan, Batman, and a few others.

SUPERMAN AND OTHER GALACTIC HEROES by Meco…Side one is Superman stuff but side two has The Boy Wonder, The Caped Crusader, Lord Of The Jungle, and The Amazing Amazon.

SUN RA VS. DAN AND DALE…This is all crazy Batman themed songs.

HEFTI IN GOTHAM CITY by Neal Hefti….again, all Bat-tastic songs.

So what’s the problem? How do I file these by title or even by a specific soundtrack when the first two have multiple themes? I settled on putting the last two in the B’s for Batman and filed Al in the G’s for the Green Hornet and Meco in the S’s for Superman. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but they’re not your records…and you don’t have to worry about finding them.

Okay, enough complaining. While pulling out all these gems I found some cool ones to share with you.

Not one, but two DAWN OF THE DEAD soundtracks! The first comes with a cool ZOMBI poster and has the amazing score by Goblin and the second has unreleased music from the film…like:


Peep these:

The 12″ for DR. DETROIT by Devo! God, I loved this movie as a kid!

Even though THE EXORCIST II stank, the Ennio Morricone score fucking rules! Listen:

Man, that track gives me goosebumps every time!

Anyway, I’m glad i have a soundtrack section and I’ll probably do some more sharing with you kids in the future…but until then, I gotta’ find me a copy of DR. DETROIT on dvd, stat!